4D Sonograms

So, how is 4D HD LIVE ultrasounds different than 3D ultrasounds? A very common question. The easiest way to describe 4D ultrasound is” video” or “movement”. 3D is just a still shot, but 4D is 3D “live” or 4th dimension (movement) or even 4D video. Put another way, it is the color images you see (3D ), but in movement (4D). Because it is “live” or in “movement,” this video is often saved as a video file in order to be able to playback in the future.

Sonograms- 4D

4d ultrasound

We provide the video service to any of our 3D/4D packages.   If you are purchasing one of our 3D/4D packages, we will perform your session in 4D ultrasound technology. We will take many 3D still shot images of your session from this 4D technology.  The video service is a recording in MP4 format that will be emailed to you at the completion of your session and you can also purchase a thumb drive for safe keepsake.  Ask your receptionists at check in for details.