4D Ultrasound Imaging

So how is 4D ultrasound different than 3D ultrasound? A very common question. The easiest way to describe 4D is” video” or “movement”. 3D is just a still shot, but 4D is 3D “live” or 4th dimension (movement) or even 4D video. It is the color images you see (3D ), but in movement (4D). Because it is “live” or in “movement,” this video is often recorded onto a DVD disk in order to be able to see the video in the future.

Ultrasound Imaging - 4D Clips

4d ultrasound

4D short clips are .avi files that are anywhere from 10-60 seconds in length. They are small file sized so they are great for email or social media postings.

DVD Video

We offer the DVD service to any of our packages.  If you are purchasing one of our 3D/4D packages, we will perform your session in 4D ultrasound technology. We will take many 3D still shot images of your session from this 4D technology, but if you want to see the 4D” video” in the future of your baby yawning, smiling and the many other movements or facial expressions that you will see during you time with your baby, then you will need to record that 4D video to one of our DVD disks. It will also have your baby’s heartbeat on it and it will be set to beautiful baby lullaby music.

DVD ultrasound video
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