About Us

Baby’s First Images is a company of Real Diagnostic Medical Sonographers from the medical community so mom’s-to-be can be guaranteed the best care available.  We have been providing ultrasound services since 2003 and have seen over 100,000 mommies and babies over the years.  Baby’s First Images offers more technology and services than any other facility on the planet.  Services, like real photo lab prints, Ultrasound Theater, Heartbeat Chamber, SonoViewLive.com, and much more. Come see why so many mommies, families, celebrities, and repeat families choose Baby’s First Images as their choice provider.

Meet our Sonographers

We are the best sonographers in the world!  Really!  Let us tell you why.  We all have graduated from an Allied Accredited Health Ultrasound school, we carry various accredited certifications, we work in the local ob/gyn offices, perinatology offices and hospitals, and we have had additional extensive training in 3D/4D and early gender determination protocols that are not taught in schools and in the medical community.  But what makes us the best is that we believe that every mother having an elective ultrasound should outside of their physician’s office should know they are getting the best of care, from an A.A.U.I.F. accredited company and sonographers who care like we do.  We are the best sonographers in the world and moms deserve that.