Due Date Calculator

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Estimated Fetal Weight (E.F.W) and Estimated Due Date (E.D.D)

E.D.D. should be done at your physician’s office and done in the first trimester because this is the benchmark and standard of care. After that, every baby is unique in it’s size and weight so doing an estimated E.D.D. after the first trimester may very well be different from your physician’s estimation.   **If we do an E.D.D. for you, it may not be exactly the same as your physician’s estimation and should not be used to confuse or substituted for your physician’s estimation.

E.F.W. can be done anytime during your pregnancy. Again, these are “estimations” so please do not be concerned if they are off slightly from your physician’s measurements. Any concerns should be discussed with your physician.

If you would like to have this service performed, please let your receptionist know when you arrive at your appointment.