Gender Determination

Every mother wants to come in as early as possible to find out the gender of their baby. We want to provide every mother the most reliable service possible for this experience. So coming from our real Medical Sonographer’s perspective, 14 weeks is the absolute earliest time you should consider doing gender determination (and you should only consider it if from a facility has been doing gender determination as long as we have). Any earlier than this and you are dropping the reliability of your determination. Moreover, we have a very specific policy in that our sonographers must have enough evidence to make a determination or they don’t at all and instead invite you back those moms that are at least 14 weeks for a free gender check. 14 weeks is right on the border of the earliest you can do gender determination and if it makes you feel more comfortable, you can always wait 2 to 4 more weeks for peace of mind.

DO NOT BOOK YOUR GENDER APPOINTMENT DAYS BEFORE YOUR REVEAL PARTY!!! Let’s face it, even though we do everything possible to determine gender on your initial visit, sometimes baby’s do not cooperate and we have to invite you back for a free gender check. So plan on scheduling your reveal party at least 8 days after your ultrasound appointment just incase your baby is being stubborn. You only get 1 free gender check and we suggest waiting at least a week if your baby does not cooperate in order to give your baby a chance to get into a better position so you can see how this could ruin the reveal party if booked near your initial ultrasound session.

Also, keep in mind that because we use real Medical Sonographers, gender determination is always done in 2D B&W technology for reliability purposes. If you want to try and get gender images in 3D/4D, you can sign up for a color 3D/4D service and our techs can capture some 3D/4D gender images for you, but it is not necessary for accuracy. Additionally, we do gender determination (if requested) for every package we offer and at every revisit to give our mothers that extra peace of mind.

For those moms that want to come in for gender determination but do not want to know now rather at a later date or for a gender reveal party, ask one of your staff members when you arrive to your appointment for a “Secret Envelope.”

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