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During this time of health concerns in our community, we want to take a moment a go over a few things with you before your appointment.  First off, because we are a healthcare facility, we have always practiced State regulated health guidelines and procedures.  Our facilities HAVE to be properly sanitized for each and every client.  But, in order to be extra careful during these times, we need your help to protect you and your family and every other family that visits our faciliites.  So effective immediately, we are implementing these extra precautions:

1.  Luckily, we just implemented the new Ultrasound Cloud system.  This allows you and your family/friends to receive your images and video from your session directly to everyone’s cellphones and computers.  Because of this, for the time being, we are not allowing large groups.  We are only accepting:

A: The pregnant mother
B: The father of the baby “OR” 1 other support person.
C: You can bring your “young” children (as long as they are healthy)

The rest of your family and friends will not be allowed and will have to wait for you to email them the video and images from your session. No other guests will be allowed to enter the facility.
2.  You and your guests must wear a mask at the time of your appointment.  Bring your own mask or masks will be available for $3 each.
3. By all means, if you are sick, please let us know so we can cancel your appointment so you can reschedule when you are feeling better.  You are pregnant for 9 months – there is plenty of time to be scanned.  Let’s make sure you are well for your appointment.  Please know if we see anyone who looks like they may have any symptoms, we will be rescheduling them.  And if you have been out of the country within the last 30 days, please make sure you have waited 2 weeks before you book an appointment.  Bottom line, if you are even remotely under the weather, please do not show up at our facilities.  Let us get you rescheduled. 

We expect and appreciate everyone following these precautions so that we can continue to keep our facilities safe and sanitized.

**Military discount – 10% additional discount on any of our service when you present an ACTIVE military ID.

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Need to keep it a secret?

Ask our team when you arrive for a "Virtual Secret Envelope" for your gender determination. It's complimentary.

Baby’s First Images Ultrasound
1275 Shiloh Road
Ste, 2730
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Supplemental Directions…We are located within 1 mile off Interstate I75 and the Wade Green exit. Once you get to the entrance of our park, pull in to the 1275 entrance and we are located in the very back left hand corner of the facility.

Instructions:  Click here for door-to-door directions or click on “more options” in the map below.

Know the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D Live?

2D ultrasound
(Black and white)

3D ultrasound
(color still shot)

4D LIVE ultrasound
(color video)

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