Top 10 Maternity Stores in Kennesaw, GA – Your Ultimate Guide

Maternity Stores in Kennesaw, GA

Kennesaw, GA is a charming city located in Cobb County, Georgia, United States. It is home to several maternity stores that cater to the needs of expectant mothers. These stores offer a wide range of products such as maternity clothes, nursing bras, baby gear, and accessories. They provide a convenient shopping experience for pregnant women who want to find comfortable and stylish clothing during their pregnancy.

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One of the most popular maternity stores in Kennesaw is Motherhood Maternity. This store offers a wide variety of trendy and affordable maternity clothes for every occasion. From casual wear to formal dresses, they have it all. They also sell nursing bras and other breastfeeding essentials.

Another great option is A Pea in the Pod. This store specializes in high-end designer maternity wear that will make any expectant mother feel like a fashionista. They carry top brands such as Rachel Zoe and Splendid.

Destination Maternity is another popular choice among pregnant women in Kennesaw. This store offers a vast selection of maternity clothes from everyday basics to special occasion dresses.

In addition to these specialty stores, there are also baby stores in Kennesaw that offer everything you need for your little one’s arrival. One such store is Buy Buy Baby which has an extensive selection of baby gear such as strollers, car seats, cribs, and more.

If you’re looking for even more shopping options while visiting Kennesaw, you may want to check out Town Center at Cobb Mall which features over 175 stores including many popular retailers like Macy’s and H&M.

Top Maternity Stores in Kennesaw, GA: A Comprehensive List

Wide Range of Options for Expecting Mothers

Expecting mothers in Kennesaw, GA have access to a wide range of maternity stores that offer high-quality clothing, accessories, and other essentials. From local boutiques to national chains, these stores cater to the diverse needs and preferences of pregnant women.

One of the top maternity stores in Kennesaw is Motherhood Maternity, a national chain that specializes in stylish and comfortable maternity wear. The store offers a variety of options for expecting mothers, including dresses, tops, bottoms, nursing bras, and sleepwear. They also provide helpful resources such as sizing guides and style tips on their website.

Another popular option for expecting mothers is A Pea in the Pod. This upscale maternity boutique offers designer clothing from top brands like Rachel Zoe and Splendid. With a focus on fashion-forward styles and premium materials, A Pea in the Pod provides a luxurious shopping experience for pregnant women.

In addition to these well-known chains, Kennesaw also has several local boutiques that specialize in maternity wear. One such store is Bump Maternity & Baby, which offers both new and consignment items at affordable prices. They carry everything from casual basics to formalwear for special occasions.

Variety of Styles, Sizes, and Colors

One of the benefits of shopping at maternity stores in Kennesaw is the variety of styles available. Whether you prefer classic pieces or trendy looks, there are options to suit every taste. Many stores offer clothing in multiple sizes as well as petite and plus sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all body types.

For example, Pink Blush Maternity is known for its trendy styles that incorporate bold prints and colors into their designs. Their online store features an extensive selection of dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and even swimwear for expecting mothers.

Another popular choice among pregnant women is Gap Maternity. This well-known brand provides comfortable basics like t-shirts and leggings in a range of colors and sizes. They also offer stylish denim options, including skinny jeans and overalls.

Online Shopping Options

While many maternity stores in Kennesaw have physical locations, several also offer online shopping options for added convenience. This is especially helpful for pregnant women who may not want to venture out to a brick-and-mortar store or who live outside of Kennesaw.

One such store is Seraphine Maternity, which offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories for expecting mothers on their website. They provide free shipping on orders over $99 and have a helpful size guide to ensure the perfect fit.

Another online option is PinkBlush Maternity, which offers affordable clothing in trendy styles. Their website features detailed product descriptions and customer reviews to help shoppers make informed decisions about their purchases.

Ratings and Reviews of the Best Maternity Wear Options in Kennesaw, GA

Reviews are a great way to get an idea of the quality and fit of maternity wear options in Kennesaw, GA. Whether you’re looking for comfortable leggings, stylish dresses, or supportive bras, checking online reviews can help you find the best stores with the highest-rated products.

When reading reviews, it’s important to look for ones that mention comfort, durability, and style. Comfort is key style is a factor as well since many women still want to feel fashionable while pregnant.

One store that consistently receives high ratings and positive reviews from customers is Motherhood Maternity located in Town Center at Cobb. Customers rave about the store’s wide selection of clothing options for all stages of pregnancy and its helpful staff who assist with sizing and styling recommendations. Many reviewers also mention the store’s affordable prices and frequent sales.

Another highly rated option is A Pea In The Pod located in The Avenue West Cobb shopping center. Customers praise the store’s trendy and stylish clothing options that don’t sacrifice comfort or functionality. Many reviewers also mention the store’s excellent customer service and willingness to go above and beyond to help pregnant women find exactly what they’re looking for.

Don’t forget to leave your own review after making a purchase! Your feedback can be incredibly valuable to other expectant mothers who are trying to make informed decisions about where to shop for maternity wear in Kennesaw, GA. By sharing your experiences with different stores and products, you can help others find the best options for their needs.

Comfortable and Fashionable Maternity Wear for Every Occasion

Wide Range of Clothing Options

Expectant mothers in Kennesaw, GA need maternity wear that is both comfortable and fashionable. A great maternity store should offer a wide range of clothing options to cater to different styles and preferences. From casual wear to formal attire, the store should have everything an expectant mother needs to feel confident and comfortable throughout her pregnancy.

Casual Outings

When shopping for maternity clothes, it’s important to consider the type of occasion you’ll be attending. For casual outings such as brunch with friends or running errands, opt for comfortable yet stylish pieces like stretchy leggings, oversized sweaters, and flowy tops. These items are perfect for everyday wear and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Formal Events

For more formal events such as weddings or business meetings, a great maternity store should carry elegant dresses that flatter a growing bump without sacrificing style. Look for dresses with empire waists or wrap designs that accentuate your curves while providing ample room for your baby bump. Accessorize with statement jewelry and comfortable heels to complete the look.

Essential Baby Gear

In addition to clothing, a great maternity store should also carry essential baby gear such as strollers, shoes, toys, and other items that new parents will need. This makes it easy for expectant mothers to shop for everything they need in one place without having to make multiple trips around town.


There are many different types available on the market today. Some popular options include lightweight umbrella strollers for quick trips around town or jogging strollers designed for active parents who want to stay fit while spending time with their little ones.


Comfortable shoes are essential during pregnancy when feet tend to swell due to increased blood volume and hormonal changes. Look for shoes made from breathable materials like canvas or leather that provide support and cushioning for your feet. Slip-on shoes like loafers or sneakers are also a great option for expectant mothers who want to avoid bending down to tie laces.


Toys are an important part of a child’s development, and a great maternity store should carry a variety of age-appropriate toys for babies and toddlers. Look for toys that stimulate the senses, such as soft plush animals with different textures or musical toys that play soothing melodies.

Location and Offerings of Motherhood Maternity in Kennesaw, GA: Town Center at Cobb

Town Center at Cobb is a bustling shopping destination located in Kennesaw, GA. With its wide variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, it’s no surprise that many expectant mothers flock to this mall for their maternity needs. One popular store among these shoppers is Motherhood Maternity.

Located in the Town Center Plaza section of the mall, Motherhood Maternity is easily accessible for shoppers. The store offers a wide range of maternity clothing options, including tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear. Whether you’re looking for casual wear or something more formal for a special occasion, Motherhood Maternity has got you covered.

But that’s not all – Motherhood Maternity also offers nursing bras and accessories to help new moms with breastfeeding. From nursing tanks to bra extenders to nipple cream, they have everything you need to make the nursing experience as comfortable as possible.

In addition to maternity clothing and nursing supplies, Motherhood Maternity also carries baby clothes and gifts. Whether you’re shopping for your own little one or looking for the perfect baby shower gift, they have a great selection of adorable outfits and accessories.

If you’re not located near the Town Center at Cobb location but still want to shop at Motherhood Maternity, don’t worry – there are several other locations throughout the Atlanta area. No matter where you go, you can expect friendly and knowledgeable staff who are ready to help you find exactly what you need.

Motherhood Maternity in Kennesaw, GA: Map and Hours of Operation

Location of the Store

Located at Town Center at Cobb mall, Motherhood Maternity is a popular maternity store that offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for expecting mothers. The store is easily accessible by using Google Maps or other navigation apps. Customers can find the address on the website or search for “Motherhood Maternity Kennesaw” on their preferred map app.

Hours of Operation

The store’s hours are convenient for busy mothers-to-be. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am-9pm and Sunday from 12pm-6pm. This means that customers can visit the store even after work or during weekends when they have more free time. The extended hours make it easier for working moms who may not have time during regular business hours.

Variety of Products

Motherhood Maternity offers a wide range of products including dresses, tops, bottoms, lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, nursing bras and much more. They also offer accessories such as belts, scarves and jewelry to complement any outfit. They have a variety of sizes available ranging from petite to plus size so that every mother-to-be can find something that fits comfortably.

Quality Customer Service

The staff at Motherhood Maternity in Kennesaw are knowledgeable about their products and provide excellent customer service to their clients. They understand the needs of pregnant women and can help them choose items that will be comfortable throughout their pregnancy journey. In addition to providing assistance with product selection, they also offer advice on how to care for maternity clothes properly.

Online Shopping Option

For customers who prefer online shopping or cannot visit the physical store due to distance or other reasons, Motherhood Maternity has an online store where they can purchase items conveniently from their homes. The online store offers free shipping for orders over $79 which makes it easier for customers to save money on shipping costs.

Find Your Perfect Fit: All Maternity Stores and Maternity Wear Results in Kennesaw, GA

Search Results: A Variety of Options for Expecting Mothers

Expecting mothers in Kennesaw, GA have a plethora of maternity stores to choose from. With a simple search, you can find everything from big-name retailers to local boutiques that cater to your needs. The search results will provide you with a variety of options, making it easy for you to find the perfect store that fits your style and budget.

From Casual to Formal Wear: Something for Every Mom-to-Be

One of the best things about Kennesaw’s maternity stores is that they offer both casual and formal wear. Whether you’re looking for comfortable clothes to wear during the day or something dressy for a special occasion, these stores have got you covered. You can expect to find stylish dresses, comfortable leggings, and tops in various sizes and styles.

Postpartum Essentials: Making Motherhood Easier

Some maternity stores in Kennesaw also carry nursing bras and other postpartum essentials. This makes the transition into motherhood easier by providing moms with everything they need under one roof. These essentials include nursing pads, nipple cream, breast pumps, and more.

Local Boutiques: Supporting Small Businesses

In addition to big-name retailers, Kennesaw also has several local boutiques that specialize in maternity wear. Shopping at these boutiques not only supports small businesses but also provides expecting mothers with unique clothing options that are not available at larger chain stores.

Affordability: Finding Your Perfect Fit on a Budget

Another great thing about Kennesaw’s maternity stores is their affordability. You don’t have to break the bank when shopping for maternity wear as there are options available at every price point. Many stores offer sales throughout the year so be sure to keep an eye out for those if you’re on a tight budget.

Tips for Shopping for Maternity Wear: What to Look For

Consider the Size and Fit of the Clothes

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for maternity wear is the size and fit of the clothes. As your body changes throughout your pregnancy, you’ll need clothes that can accommodate these changes. It’s essential to choose clothing that fits well and doesn’t feel too tight or restrictive. When trying on clothes, make sure to move around in them to ensure they’re comfortable.

It’s also important to keep in mind that every woman’s body changes differently during pregnancy. Some women may gain more weight than others, while some may carry their baby bump higher or lower. Therefore, it’s crucial to try on different styles and sizes until you find what works best for you.

Look for Comfortable and Breathable Fabrics

Another factor to consider when shopping for maternity wear is the fabric of the clothing. You want to look for fabrics that are breathable and comfortable, especially as your body temperature tends to be higher during pregnancy. Cotton, spandex, and bamboo are excellent choices as they are lightweight and stretchy.

It’s also a good idea to avoid fabrics that don’t breathe well like polyester or silk because they can cause irritation or discomfort. Choosing natural fibers over synthetic ones is better for both you and your growing baby.

Don’t Forget About the Store’s Return Policy

Before making any purchases, always check the store’s return policy in case you need to exchange or return an item later on. This is especially important when buying maternity wear since your body will continue changing throughout your pregnancy.

Some stores have specific policies regarding returns or exchanges on maternity wear due to hygiene reasons. Make sure you’re aware of these policies before making a purchase so that there won’t be any surprises if you need to return something later on.

Seek Help from Store Staff

Shopping for maternity wear can be overwhelming at times, but don’t hesitate to ask store staff for help! They can provide recommendations and advice on what styles and sizes will work best for you. They may also be able to show you different ways to wear certain pieces or offer suggestions for layering.

Store staff can also help you find pieces that are versatile and can be worn throughout your pregnancy, which can save you money in the long run. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek assistance from store staff – they’re there to help!

Check the Store’s Location and Directions Beforehand

Lastly, it’s a good idea to check the store’s location and directions beforehand to avoid any unnecessary stress or confusion during your shopping trip. Make sure you know where the store is located and how to get there ahead of time. This will save you time and energy, especially if you’re already feeling tired from pregnancy.

Hours of Operation for Motherhood Maternity (Town Center at Cobb): My Opinion and Review

Convenient Hours of Operation for Busy Moms-To-Be

As a busy mom-to-be, finding the time to shop for maternity clothes can be a challenge. That’s why I highly recommend Motherhood Maternity at Town Center at Cobb for their accommodating hours of operation. The store is open seven days a week, which means you can easily fit in some shopping on your schedule.

What’s more, Motherhood Maternity offers extended hours on weekends, making it even easier to find time to shop. Whether you work during the week or have other commitments that keep you busy, the store’s weekend hours allow you to browse their selection of maternity clothes without having to rush.

Knowledgeable and Helpful Staff

One thing I particularly appreciate about Motherhood Maternity is the knowledgeable and helpful staff. there are so many options available that it can be overwhelming. However, the staff at this store are experts in their field and are always happy to provide guidance and advice.

On my last visit to Motherhood Maternity at Town Center at Cobb, I was looking for a dress for an upcoming event but wasn’t sure what style would suit me best. The sales associate who helped me was incredibly patient and knowledgeable about different styles of maternity dresses. She listened carefully to my preferences and suggested several options that she thought would work well for me.

Great Selection of Maternity Clothes

Of course, no review of Motherhood Maternity would be complete without mentioning their fantastic selection of maternity clothes! From casual wear like leggings and t-shirts to more formal attire like dresses and blouses, this store has something for every occasion.

I especially appreciate how well-organized the store is – everything is divided into sections based on style and size, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. And with new arrivals coming in all the time, there’s always something fresh and exciting to check out.

The Best Maternity Stores in Kennesaw, GA for Expecting Mothers

Expecting mothers in Kennesaw, GA have a plethora of options there are plenty of stores that cater to your needs.

One of the top maternity stores in Kennesaw is Motherhood Maternity located at Town Center at Cobb. This store offers a wide range of maternity wear including tops, bottoms, dresses, and nursing bras. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, providing excellent customer service to help you find exactly what you need.

Another great option is A Pea in the Pod located at Lenox Square Mall. This store offers high-end designer maternity wear that’s both fashionable and comfortable. You can find everything from casual everyday wear to formal evening gowns.

If you’re looking for affordable options without sacrificing style or quality, check out Target’s maternity section. They offer a variety of clothing options including basics like t-shirts and leggings as well as more stylish pieces like dresses and jumpsuits.

For those who prefer online shopping, PinkBlush Maternity has become a popular choice among expecting mothers. Their website offers a wide selection of trendy and fashionable maternity wear that can be shipped directly to your doorstep.

When shopping for maternity wear in Kennesaw, it’s important to keep comfort in mind. Look for stretchy fabrics that will accommodate your growing belly while still providing support where needed. Don’t be afraid to try on different sizes or styles until you find what works best for you.

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