Ultrasound Services

3D/4D LIVE and Gender Determination Scanning Services

3d ultrasound 4d ultrasound hd ultrasound

8k, Real View and Water Color Art Production Services

Baby’s First Images is now proud to partner with Babytures to provide 8K ultrasound, Real View ultrasound and Water Color ultrasound services to our clients at competitive prices.   

This service is a “Post-Ultrasound” service to be used AFTER your session with us.  Click on image below to be taken to their site for ordering. 

Ultrasound Cloud

For those packages that include their images and/or video to be emailed via Ultrasound Cloud, we will email either of them to your  email address at the completion of your ultrasound session so that you can download and view them on your cellphone and computer.   You will only have 7 days to do this before your images are lost forever.  Please make sure you download your images and back them up as soon as you get your email.  We highly suggest getting a Thumb Drive copy of your images/video to preserve your precious keepsakes. 

Ultrasound Theater

ultrasound theater

The only thing we don’t have is the popcorn! (And that is because moms are sensitive to some smells). But we have created each of our offices as if it were a small Ultrasound Theater. Your session is projected in front of you from our HD projectors for a theater-like experience. It is warm, it’s cozy, and its truly different from any other way you and your family can experience bonding with your baby. And its here at Baby’s First Images.

Heartbeat Chamber

ultrasound baby heartbeat

If you have ever had an ultrasound done?  You probably remember your baby’s heartbeat coming from the small speaker on the ultrasound machine. A sound very beautiful to your ears because it is your baby’s heartbeat, but a sound produced from what sounds like it is coming from a small radio speaker. But, imagine what it would sound like if the beautiful sound of your baby’s heartbeat is coming from a sound system that is so vibrant and dynamic that you not only can hear it but, you can feel it?

Baby’s First Images has installed the Heartbeat Chamber system at all Baby’s First Images locations for all of our moms to enjoy free of charge. The Heartbeat Chamber is an amazing system that produces the beautiful sound of your baby’s heartbeat in a way that you can hear it better than you have ever experienced or imagined – and yes, you can actually feel it.

Come experience a better way to bond with your baby at Baby’s First Images.

(**Note: Standard ultrasound practice mandates that your baby must be at least 11 weeks along in development to be able to “hear” your baby’s heartbeat in doppler. Any scans performed 10 weeks and earlier we will be able to “see” your baby’s heartbeat using M-mode.

Basic Measurements

Estimated Fetal Weight (E.F.W) and Estimated Due Date (E.D.D)

We can provide you with basic measurements like the location of your baby, location of the placenta the Estimated Fetal Weight and Estimated Due Date.  See pricing on our Packages page.   **Please know that this information should not be substituted with your physician’s measurements.